Thursday, February 11, 2010


Runningtime: 72min
Genre: Documentary / Film
Language: English

Dokumentari ini adalah hasil potongan rakaman daripada lebih 100 aktivis media. This is what democracy looks like merangkumi protes WTO di Seattle, 1999. Filem ini menandakan titik balik dalam pembuatan filem kolaboratif dan mencapai liputan dan visi yang mungkin hanya melalui lensa lebih daripada 100 kamera. Doku ini menjadi lebih menarik apabila dipadu dengan soundtrack Rage Against the Machine, DJ Shadow, dan Anne Feeney, serta narration oleh Susan Sarandon dan Michael Franti. This is what democracy looks like memberi gambaran kondisi politik dan emosional seminggu mengubah dunia.

Cut from the footage of over 100 media activists, This is What Democracy Looks Like
captures the 1999 WTO protests in Seattle. The film marks a turning point in collaborative filmmaking and acheives a scope and vision possible only through the lenses of over 100 cameras. With a driving soundtrack including Rage Against the Machine, DJ Shadow, and Anne Feeney, as well as narration by Susan Sarandon and Michael Franti, THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE delivers an intensely political and emotional account of a week that changed the world.

At the WTO protests in Seattle, we had a collective vision. We saw beyond the borders that divide us. We saw people come together across every kind of political and cultural difference. We saw peaceful protests shut down one of the most powerful institutions in the world. We saw a system dazed and frightened by the sound of our voices. "The documentary, like the protests, turns art into action"
~ Village Voice

"One of the most important films of the year. A must see...if you can handle the truth."
~ Willamette Week

"This Is What Democracy Looks Like is a truly ground-breaking accomplishment. With beautiful graphics, a passionate narrative, and stunning writing, it embodies the spirit of the protests."
~ Naomi Klein, Columnist and author of NO LOGO

The film is a co-production between Corrugated Films founder, Jill Freidberg,
and Big Noise Films founder, Rick Rowley.


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