Saturday, January 23, 2010

TAQWACORE: The Birth Of Punk Islam (2009) trailer

Runningtime: 80min
Genre: Documentary (coming soon!)
Language: English

Maybe you'll never get on the radio, maybe no one within any kind of music establishment will support you…but even if it's just within your group of friends, you can create your own culture. These words from Michael Muhammad Knight, an American Muslim and unofficial founder of the Taqwacore music scene, spell out the alienated, courageous autonomy of punk culture in bright colours. Knight is the focal point of Omar Majeed's explosive doc; the other subjects are a handful of American Muslim musicians who've been galvanized by Knight's book The Taqwacores. Caught in a tug of war between Western corporate permissiveness and a religion that's become hardened and constricting, these kids decide to grab guitars and change their reality. "In the so-called War of Civilizations, we're pointing the middle finger in both directions," says Knight near the beginning of the film. What follows certainly bears him out: 80 minutes of gleeful taboo-smashing, poignant soul-searching and loud, furious music.

If the Islamic punk scene grows into something major (and on the evidence of this movie, it likely will), Majeed and Knight will surely go down in history as its first big proponents and chroniclers. Catch it now and you can say that you were one of the first to be in on something really big.

When he was 17, Michael Knight left his mother’s home in Rochester to study Islam at a Pakistani madrassa. It was his first act of rebellion – against his abusive, schizophrenic, white-supremacist father. Years later, burned out on the demands of religious dogma, Mike rebelled once more – by penning a Muslim Punk manifesto called The Taqwacores. His work of fiction struck a chord with young Muslims around the world and before long, real-life Taqwacore bands were creating a scene. This film follows Michael and his band of Muslim punks as they journey across the U.S. and Pakistan, transforming their worlds, their religion and themselves through the spirit of Taqwacore.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010


Runningtime: Ihr 21min 15sec
Genre: Documentary
Language: English

The cycling phenomenon known as Critical Mass is a reclamation of public space that started in San Francisco in the early 1990s and spread by the internet throughout the world. On a set day, at the end of every month, cyclists and other self-propelled people ride en masse through city streets.

Vancouver has become renowned for its big Critical Mass bike rides, and particularly the party spirit that attracts all types of cyclists.

You Never Bike Alone charts the development of these mass rides in Vancouver over the last decade, from the (pre-Critical Mass) protest rides across the historic Lions Gate Bridge in the early to mid-Nineties, through the "No Fun City" years of the late 1990s and early 2000s, where cyclists were routinely arrested for riding together, up to giant Critical Mass rides of more recent years.

Along the way, You Never Bike Alone strips down for the Wholesome Undie (an underwear ride protesting the Molson Indy race) and throws caution to the wind for the World Naked Bike Ride, a ride founded in Vancouver by a Critical Mass regular.



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NO FASHION JUST PASSION: Friday, 22 Jan 2010 @ Noisy, Ampang

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Runningtime: 6min 45 sec


A breif video documenting the activities of Food Not Bombs who serve free food in Melbourne, Australia. Food Not Bombs is a loose-knit group of independent collectives, serving free vegan and vegetarian food to others. The Food Not Bombs ideology claims that myriad corporate and government priorities are skewed to cause hunger amidst abundance. Plugin TV tags along with the Melbourne Food Not Bombs chapter in Australia to find out how it all works.

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MALAM KITA JINGGO: Saturday, 23th Jan 2010 @ Kolej Politek Mara, KB

EFEK RUMAH KACA live in KL: Saturday, 27th Feb 2010

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

PARASITE 'Demo's Album' Tape / Cass is OUT NOW!!!!

PARASITE is band from Japan play metal punk like GISM or Syphilitic Vaginas with great Align Centerguitar solos. 6 songs in 23 minutes. This tape combined their 1st and 2nd demo cd-r that unfortunately sold out already. Ltd #100.