Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Running Time: 91min
Genre: Drama
Language: English

A hit at festivals around the country BOMB THE SYSTEM is the first feature length film in over 20 years to focus on the subject of graffiti - the only art form that can also be considered a crime. Anthony ‘Blest’ (STORYTELLING’S Mark Webber) is one of the most talented and notorious graffiti artists in New York City. Despite the tragic loss of his older brother during a nightly ‘bombing’ foray with a graffiti crew, Anthony parties, shoplifts spray-paint and tags virgin walls with his signature ‘Blest’. He does his best to avoid run-ins with the cops and hostile rival crews, but can’t avoid pressure from his mother to attend college, and from his girlfriend to leave New York with her. As tensions rise, a physical threat from the cops causes the crew to intensify their bombing excursions, calling an all out war on the city. When the inevitable confrontation comes, a tragedy results that pushes Anthony to make a decision that has darker consequences. BOMB THE SYSTEM is an unforgettable portrait of the often missunderstood art form and culture of graffiti.


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