Friday, February 26, 2010

ANIMAL LIBERATION FRONT- History in the making

Runningtime: 160min
Genre: Documentary
Language: English / Spanish


The English Direct Action scene often feels leagues ahead of life in the Antipodes. This can be seen in the relentless SHAC campaigns, the number of animal rescues from farms and labs plus the number of sacrifices that the English animal liberation movement is prepared to make so to usher in a new era of total liberation for nonhuman animals. This DVD was $18.00 and the only qualm I have about it was that the sound levels vary throughout the 12 different stories on it. Much of the footage is old/classic, showing hunt sabbing at its height and the Sea Shepherd on the high seas using stink bombs and ramming techniques to fuck up the long drift net trawlers that kill everything marine in its way.

There is inspiring footage of activists disrupting large animal abuse complexes as well as footage of the Animal Liberation Front's more covert missions and rescues.

This DVD is an inspiring watch that drew my housemates into it. It contains lots of extra features and visuals that make you realise that all you need to make change is the desire and a few people.



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