Saturday, April 3, 2010

GUM BLEED tapes is out now!!

Four years , debut album . The most bold , violent , rough and youngest street punx from People's Republic of China ; Unprecedented attack from the old eastern kingdom and new world factory . Play hardcore punk rock, oi, mix thrash metal.

This album is not only followed to the classic street punk style (2. Fuck off the Mammonism ; 3. Gum Bleed ; 4. People's war ; 9. Don't forget the class struggle ... ) but also plus some fucking trash metal attack (6. Theracy and almost every hardcore song have the trash metal guitar solo )

We also wanna recommend that ( 4. People's war & 6. Theracy) have the best bass solo ever :-)
Another recommend (8. Tomorrow will be once again) is the first time that we try an irish song , we really like it you know .

(5. Red river valley and 7. The Youth way) are the pleasant punk rock songs . mandolin and clarinet was played in the song of Red river valley , not too bad !
I think the most important song in this album should be (10. Utopia song) , it is 7:38 , really long ? cause the name is too big for the interpretation , Gum Bleed puts all into this song (all of their ideologies , philosophies , dreams and souls ... ) also , the interlude is highly strong momentum , you will discover that the interlude was adapted from the "Irish Washerwomen" , undoubtedly it is the climax of the whole album . This song is describe the new world , no class no race anymore - that's what we are fighting for .

(11. Let go) is the bonus song , this song is made by Mr. Irish Bastard , Dee from Gum Bleed sing the Chinese part for it .

Gum Bleed is the "Balefire Juvenile" , he's fighting back from the europe tour . He just pack everthing now and looking forward to the next journey , to play for more people and overcome in the final .


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