Thursday, December 24, 2009

NO NAME 'sick and tired' CD-R is out now! (malaysia pressing)

Rice & classical kung fu Movies are not the only things coming from China! Here with a blast comes the hottest Punk Rock import from the Far East- NO NAME from Xi´an China! Masterminded by vocalist and NO NAME head honcho Ray, whom is sick and tired of this ruling society, he finds his kind of freedom in the music by starting his own revolution in communist China. Even the government who limits all personal rights to zero did not stand a chance to hold back these four Chaos Punks. Furthermore these maniacs show them their middle fingers straight to their faces and fighting against all limits. Their music can be described as a mix between pure Punk Rock from the 80s and straight hardcore with heavy guitars, groovy bass and tons of vocals. NO NAME creates a wall of sound to scream along with, this music is the kind of revolution that Ray wanted, and hoped would never stop inspiring. GET IT NOW!

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