Friday, January 8, 2010

1 MAI (2008)

Running Time: 1hr 34min 56sec
Genre: Drama / conflict
Language: Germany

An eleven-year-old Turkish boy, two young men from a small town, and a cuckolded policeman from the sticks all find their way to Berlin on May Day, where, in the district of Kreuzberg, emotions come to the boil every year. Little Yavuz is eager to gain recognition and is determined to 'floor a cop' in order to impress his older brother. But then he meets Hary, a onetime member of the student revolts of the late sixties, and things turn out completely differently. Jacob and Pelle from Minden are hell-bent on having a boys' own adventure in the capital. They are a couple of inquisitive tourists cruising for a bruising, drifting aimlessly between sightseeing, their search for the city's best kebab shop and the protest march of the anarchic 'Black Block'. As the ruckus begins, policeman Uwe has problems of quite a different kind. He and his colleague have been assigned to calm the situation in Kreuzberg. But his wife turns unfaithful and he finds himself in the midst of a major personal crisis. Will his colleague's suggestion to seek distraction at a cop-friendly bordello help him out of his doldrums? Four lives, four different stories and predicaments. Four people who each experience their very own May Day, after which nothing will ever be the same.


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